Five Tips to Declutter Your Home

Here are five great tips that will help you declutter and create a tidy, more efficient home.

First, you have to ask yourself some simple questions:“Do I love this? Does it serve a purpose? Does it have meaning?” Most everything can serve a purpose, but be sure the things you are organizing are things that you love. For example, do you have scarves that you don’t wear but you feel sentimental about? Consider framing for display the ones you absolutely love. If you can’t say yes to the three questions, you should get rid of the items.

Don’t have so much clutter that your goals in life can’t be met. A clean, orderly environment will help you accomplish your tasks. Free yourself from boxes covered in dust or anything else that distracts you from your work. Essentially, try to make space for what feels important to you.

Creating systems is a great way to get organized. For instance, if you enjoy baking, group together all of the major ingredients needed. The next time you go to bake a cake, the job will be so much easier and less time consuming. You won’t have to travel back and forth across the kitchen to find what you need. Use logic as you create your systems. Consider putting all of the items that are needed for a manicure together in a decorative box or basket, and throw out old or unused products.

Get rid of that old metal filing cabinet. If you really want to have an organized and clutter-free home, it’s time to go paperless. All of your important documents can be scanned and stored on the cloud. If the time should come for a tax audit, the needed information can be found quickly.

Once you decide to discard something, do it immediately. Donate it, or trash it. Do not keep the giveaway bag around. Keeping it will make you question what you were thinking when you chose to give it away. The very best thing you can do if you are serious about your goal to declutter is to not second-guess yourself. Make a decision, and stick with it.

If you really want to love your home and your life, make the choice to simplify. Purging frees your mind and your spirit, and you can’t argue about the physical outcome. Heed these five tips, and you will find that the belongings you keep will give purpose and add happiness to your life. Please visit the website for additional information on storage units in Salinas.

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Acquiring Self-Storage Facilities: How to Be a Better Buyer and Close the Deal

It isn’t easy to be a buyer of self-storage facilities these days. This exuberant market makes it especially difficult to purchase a property that’ll be profitable to operate and relatively simple to exit… read more

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The Benefits of Storing Your Boat at a Storage Facility

When you are not lucky enough to be on the water enjoying the day with your family, you need to have a place to store your boat. The backyard or driveway is not a likely choice. A boat stored where the neighbors can see it is often viewed as an eyesore. Most don’t have a large enough spot to accommodate a boat in their yard or homeowner associations prohibit them from doing so, anyway. That brings us to the next, most logical choice, a storage facility. Most storage facilities have convenient storage available both inside and outside.

If you choose to store your boat inside, you will have easy access to it to make repairs during the winter. Inside storage is obviously the best choice if you want your boat protected from the outside elements like sun, rain, and snow. Protecting your boat from the weather could possibly save your boat from damage in the long-term. Storing your boat inside is typically referred to as “dry storage”.

Storing a boat outside at a storage facility is usually less expensive. If the facility does not have a covered area like a carport, remember that the boat is open to exposure to all of the outside elements. However, this can still be a good option if you do not have enough personal storage for a boat.

Depending on the storage facility you choose, drive-up access can be offered for either inside or outside storage, thus making loading and unloading your boat easy. The boat is kept on its trailer, which means you can pick it up anytime and head straight to the water. Access for maintenance can be simple as well.

Some storage facilities offer 24-hour security. Most offer video surveillance and are equipped with lights on site that detour burglars. A facility that is fenced and has electronic-gate access increases one’s confidence regarding secure storage. A facility that provides a manager onsite is a definite plus. Facilities that rent storage understand that your boat is an investment, and they aim to keep your boat safe.

Facilities today have found ways to assist boat owners and help them enjoy their boats for years to come. They have options for storing fishing boats, speedboats, pontoons, or deck boats. Choosing indoor storage for the long winter months is a good idea; and if you are looking to rest your boat on the weekends, storage facilities make the choice easy. Please visit this website for additional information on boat storage in Vista and other types of storage as well.

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Organizing Clothes for a Growing Family


This is a fun and effective way to organize clothes that will be reused when a new baby is born. Why didn’t I think of this… read more

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Five Ways to Declutter Your Storage Unit

Most people rent a storage unit, put stuff in it, and then forget about it. They also forget that it costs money; and eventually, the value of the possessions is less than the cost of storing them. Here are five ways to declutter.

1. Consolidate

Do you rent a large unit that is half full? Try to consolidate, and move your things into a smaller space.

2. Know What You Have

Most claim to know what is in their storage space. To make sure you do, visit the space and make a list of what is there. Then, consider what you can do without and start discarding.

3. How Will Your Items Eventually Be Dealt With?

Most people don’t want to deal with their stuff, and so they put it into storage. Do you want to leave it for your children to deal with after you are gone? Face up to it, and deal with it.

4. Reduce One Box at a Time

Visit your space every day and remove one box. Give it away, donate it, or trash it.

5. Don’t Wait for Something That Will Never Happen

Is the furniture waiting for a new home? Are the clothes waiting for you to lose weight? It would be cheaper to donate everything and buy items when they are needed. That way you reduce the storage fee.

Do yourself a favor and declutter to get the most from your money. Visit this website for a storage facility in Vista, CA.

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Self-Storage Developer Proposes Creative Tax Solutions for Project in Prospect Heights, IL

Prospect Heights aldermen recently approved a Cook County, Ill., Class 7C tax incentive for the vacant property on which developer Jonathan Lunn intends to build a self-storage facility… read more

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Don’t Keep Documents Unnecessarily

I want to de-clutter. How long do I need to keep important documents for tax purposes… read more

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