How to Prepare Possessions for Climate Controlled Storage

When space in your home or place of business is maxed out, storage units provide a handy solution. While items such as tools, appliances and sporting equipment tend to survive just fine at drastic temperatures, many goods require climate controlled storage in order to keep properly. It’s important to makes sure that everything stored is packed and prepared to ensure that you’ll find belongings just as you left them.

Candidates for Climate Control

Some of the types of possessions recommended for climate controlled storage include bedding and linens, books and paper goods, as well as many types of furniture which contain materials that may be affected by heat or humidity such as wood. Electronics and computer systems are also particularly sensitive to excessive heat or cold, so be sure to store them in proper settings.

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

While temperature is not a concern in a climate controlled unit, humidity remains a threat in many areas. Laying down a thick plastic sheet is a good way to keep ground-based moisture from creeping up into boxes or electronics, preventing mildew and other potential damage. It’s also recommended to seal your boxes using a strong, moisture-resistant style of tape to maintain a reliable hold.

Covering your more sensitive belongings with an additional layer of plastic is also recommended to combat moisture from above. This applies to computer components, wood-based products and paper goods in particular, even when boxed. Use tight-sealing plastic bins for storing clothing or linens for added moisture protection.

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