Preparing Your Speed Boat for Storage

When the warm seasons come to an end, it’s time to get your boat ready for storage. The prep process requires some time up front, but it’ll save you plenty down the line while ensuring proper protection for your valued watercraft.

Perform Necessary Maintenance

The first step prior to storage is to perform a full review of your boat, preferably while you’re out on the water. Taking inventory of repair needs makes it easy to perform maintenance during the off-season, ensuring that you’re back on the water as soon as weather permits. Fixing any existing hull damage is also highly recommended, as problems can compound during transport and storage.

Check the Liquid Levels

After you haul your speed boat out of the water, make it a point to pull the bilge drain plug right away and perform a deep scrub on your decks and hull. Open up the boat’s seacocks to ensure complete drainage and give everything time to dry completely before storing.

To reduce risk of engine condensation, top off the boat’s gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Changing your oil and filters is also a good idea, as is performing an inspection on other major internal components. Finally, pull batteries and electronics to be stored in a dry location. Ensure that your battery is charged properly and double-check all fluid levels for best results.

Your boat represents a valuable investment—make sure you take the right steps before placing it in storage to find it just as you left it. For more information about marine storage in Salinas, please click here.


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