Three of the Strangest Things Found in Storage Units

Storage facilities are used by individuals from all walks of life for safekeeping just about anything you can imagine. When units go abandoned, owners forfeit their rights to contents, which are frequently auctioned off in a mystery-box style format. What are some of the strangest items that winners have unearthed? You might be surprised to find out.

Not a Typical Pineapple

A high-bidder who won an abandoned storage unit in Muskegon, Michigan was unenthused by most of the assorted junk found within—that is, until he happened upon a hand grenade in a small box. The man boldly brought the grenade to the local fire station, prompting the Chief to issue a statement that citizens should not personally attempt to transport potential explosives.

Fit for the Funny Pages

Actor Nicolas Cage had numerous vintage comic books stolen from his home in 2000, including a $150,000 copy of Action Comics which marked the first-ever appearance of Superman. In 2011, the valuable graphic novel was discovered in a Southern California storage unit which had been abandoned by the owner. The comic was returned to Cage, who sold it for over $2 million in the face of hefty debt.

Long Live the King

Michael Jackson was considered the King of Pop, but even MJ has B-sides and bootlegs that most listeners have never heard. When a storage unit formerly belonging to his father, Joe Jackson, was opened for review, a treasure trove was discovered: recordings of more than 250 new songs by Michael, some even featuring the legendary Tina Turner. Apparently recorded during stints between contracts, rights to the songs could not even be claimed by any record label—quite a find for one lucky individual.

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