Five Ways to Declutter Your Storage Unit

Most people rent a storage unit, put stuff in it, and then forget about it. They also forget that it costs money; and eventually, the value of the possessions is less than the cost of storing them. Here are five ways to declutter.

1. Consolidate

Do you rent a large unit that is half full? Try to consolidate, and move your things into a smaller space.

2. Know What You Have

Most claim to know what is in their storage space. To make sure you do, visit the space and make a list of what is there. Then, consider what you can do without and start discarding.

3. How Will Your Items Eventually Be Dealt With?

Most people don’t want to deal with their stuff, and so they put it into storage. Do you want to leave it for your children to deal with after you are gone? Face up to it, and deal with it.

4. Reduce One Box at a Time

Visit your space every day and remove one box. Give it away, donate it, or trash it.

5. Don’t Wait for Something That Will Never Happen

Is the furniture waiting for a new home? Are the clothes waiting for you to lose weight? It would be cheaper to donate everything and buy items when they are needed. That way you reduce the storage fee.

Do yourself a favor and declutter to get the most from your money. Visit this website for a storage facility in Vista, CA.


About Sarah Taylor

An expert at storage solutions, Sarah shares her knowledge on matters relating to this.
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